Helping technology-based product teams be successfully


Upskill your team, through structured learning for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 


Standard Courses


Standard courses delivered both publicly and privately.

Bespoke Learning


Bespoke courses to fit your needs completely. Designed to maximise the benefit your team leverage from the time they invest in their development.

Partner Training

Training developed and delivered on behalf of industry leading partners.

Product Management

Product Management is one of the hottest fields in business, the profession is growing rapidly as businesses realise that they need this function. What many people find though is that they "fall into" the field with little to no-training. We help overcome this and as a result drive up the professional standards across industry. 


Product Focus

We are a partner of Product Focus and help deliver their world class product management training globally. This training is based on many decades of experience working with industry-leading technology companies.

The training is delivered both through public courses and private courses. The public course schedule can be found here and details of the private course offering can be found here

Check them out at or alternatively you can contact them at